Water is life. Dehydration can cost you a long way. Staying hydrated will make you feel refreshed, more alert and active. This article is going to tell you why water is important for your optimal functioning.

  1. Water as temperature regulator

Water helps to regulate the temperature of our body. Every muscle, cell, and tissue contain water some form or the other. It helps the things moving in the body while maintaining the internal temperature of the body. It is just like having a built-in cooling system in the body. Thus water is used and reused in a variety of ways in our bodies. Thus it is important that we keep ourselves hydrated.

  1. Water to protect us

Did you ever get dry eyes? If yes, you know that itchy and painful feeling in the eyes. It also has happened that dirt and dust might have triggered this dryness in your eyes. What do you do to resolve this condition? Well, the most common method used by people is to wash the eyes with water. The same is the case with our joints, muscles and other tissues. They need water for proper functioning. If you have enough water in your body, it will protect them from getting dehydrated, and their proper functioning would not be halted.

  1. Water acts a lubricant

Just as water is needed to run things smoothly inside the body, it also acts as a lubricant for the functioning of the body. Is there is water deficiency, your joints and muscles will have a problem in moving properly. The worst case would be that you would also feel pain in your joints. Joint pain can also be related to other factors running around in your system, but water deficiency is one of them. Drinking enough water won’t cure everything but it will for sure hurt less.

  1. Waste removal

Yes, you may not realize it in the first place, but it is a fact. Water helps to remove the impurities in your body in the form of urine. If you do not drink enough water, things could get toxic in your body. Water not only removes the toxic material in the form of urine, but it also helps in removing the solid wastes. If you have mild constipation, improve your water intake before going for any laxative. It will surely help you in resolving constipation.

  1. Water helps to maintain the balance

It is a known fact that water makes up almost 80% of our body, so maintaining good levels of water is important for optimal functioning. Water has the function to regulate the blood, saliva, urine and other cellular fluids in the body. If we are properly hydrated, it will help us maintain the right balance of hormones and other chemicals in the body.

Thus now you get an idea of how much water is important for our optimal functioning. It helps us to stay alerted and active. So stay hydrated and function well.