Ways To Kick Out Soda From Your Life

Let’s get a bottle of soda with friends. Let’s take a can of soda with lunch. Let’s take soda when you feel your stomach is bloated. Often you would hear people saying such words. These are words from soda lovers. Thus taking soda would have become their habit. It is very difficult to persuade people to stop taking soda. However healthy lifestyle requires quitting soda from your life. It is one of the major reasons for weight gain. Also, it is responsible for many diseases like diabetes, heart-related problems, etc. Therefore you need to kick out this poison from your life
You might find it difficult to leave soda or omit it from your life. It would be a slow process.
However, following ways might help you achieve your goal:
1) Figure out your habit
Now what you want to do is take a diary and note down the time when you get cravings for soda. If it is between meals, write it down or at night before sleeping then write it down. Now you know the exact time for your cravings. OK now find alternatives to soda and keep them with you before you get cravings. Supposingly if cravings are between meals, you can replace soda with water. At night you can replace soda with tea or coffee. However, too much caffeine might not be good for your health. You can consult your doctor or nutrionust before taking these steps.
2) Make the break
It means you need to stop taking soda anyway. So you have to make up your mind of letting go
soda. Some people do it at once and completely quit all soda intake. Others do it gradually. It will be the way you feel easy to adapt to. 
3) Get hydrated
Often you feel the need of soda when you are not drinking enough water. You are well aware of
the fact that 70% of your body weight is water. So you need to drink lots of water, and if you are
not drinking enough water and replacing it with soda, it is not good for your health. Soda is not at
all alternative of water. So drink water at regular intervals. Keep a bottle in front of you or set a
ringtone in your cell. In this way, you won’t get thirsty and go for a can of soda. It will help refrain soda
cravings to a larger extent.
4) Fresh juices
How can we forget the importance of fresh juices in this context? You can for sure replace soda
for fresh juice. It will not only quench your thirst but also prove to be beneficial for your health.
So next time when you go for shopping, buy lots and lots of fruits and a juicer machine to extract their juices.
5) Stop buying soda
Next time you go to market don’t move your trolley to areas having soda. When you will buy less
soda, you will drink less because every time you get the craving for soda, you will need to go out and buy it.
Concluding we can say though leaving soda is difficult but not impossible.